domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

VStabi V-Bar 5.2 Release on September 1st

VStabi lança em 1 de setembro o firmware da versão V5.2 que pode ser atualizada online e para os usuários que possuem versão 5.x a substituição é gratuita.   

Whats new:

  • The "pro" version of the mini will now have a governor too, same as the fullsize one. Due to limited ports at the mini unit the governor can only be used in combination with a Spektrum, a s-Bus or M-Link or a classic single line reciver. An external reciver with governor is not possible.
  • The Governor has been massively rewoked, mainly to better support electric governing. This gives a completely new option with most simple electric speedcontrollers. So even a simple controller turns into a high quality governor.
  • Setting up an electric governor has been greatly simplified. The default settings will match most usual installations, so there is no extensive tuning process needed.
  • The Integration between the governor an the rest of the algorithms has been improoved, so the complete control loop works smoother and quicker.
  • New security functions avoid unintended hot starts of the motor, which can turn into dangerous with electrics. This adds top level protection to simple ESC´s as well.
  • The piruette compensation has been improved. Complex moves will be smoother and more precise now.

Fonte: VStabi

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