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New Heli - DIABOLO

Novo Heli da Minicopter, o Diabolo "That's the devil!" é mais uma boa opção da engenharia alemã (100% Made in Germany) e já se encontra a venda na  Helix Hobbies (Sale Price: $1,099.95).

Why "Diabolo"?
A diabolo is a toy with which you can show tricks after some practice, like a 3D heli. A diabolo is however also a rifle-bullet for target shooting, which can be equated with speed flying. When the first canopy was completed, a friend was present at the model aircraft field and he has a spontaneous declared a third meaning when he looked at this new design: "That's the devil!" Anyone who looks at the canopy closely will certainly discover what he means. This detail is to prevent tearing of the canopy in the area of the aileron servos from frequent removal. This newly designed shape still matches the Joker family perfectly! However, it is clearly a few inches higher, and a bit narrower, making it much more aerodynamic in flight.
When you see the model fly for the first time as an experienced pilot, the thick tail boom immediately catches your eye. This allows it to be seen at great distances or during fast maneuvers extremely well, and gives the diabolo almost the appearance of a model with a fuselage. Through the very light tail design and with a belt drive, very high pirouette rates are achieved. Most striking however is the enormous flexibility of the Diabolo. It can be flown with a slow turning main rotor, or flown with a very high rotor speed at the maximum limits.
  • Rotor diameter: 1,56 to 1,68m 
  • Blade length: 690-750mm
  • Weight with 12s/5000: 4,8-5,2 kg
  • 2-stage gear, helical spur gear
  • Gear ratio 1st stage: 1:3,1 to 1:4,13
  • Gear ratio 2nd stage: 1: 3,17
  • Belt driven tail rotor
  • Tail gear ratio 1,5:1
  • Tail rotor diameter: 290-300 mm
  • Length with canopy: 1,38 m
  • Height: 39 cm
  • Landing gear width: 22 cm
  • Tail boom diameter: 30 mm
  • Automatic belt tension over oil-pressure shock absorbers with adjustable spring rate

Fonte: Minicopter

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