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ALZRC - 500 AH-1 Scale Fuselage - A

Nova Fuselagem do Helicóptero AH-1 para o T-REX 500 chega as lojas como mais uma opção para os apreciadores do helimodelismo . A ALZR segue os passos da Align lançando esta fuselagem rica em detalhes. 

  • Scale models of the AH-1 attack helicopters are rare products. This highly finished Cobra model features excellent scale details not commonly found in other products. A rare find that is highly sought-after by scale enthusiasts andcollectors alike. 
  • Due to the unique structure of the AH-1 helicopter, specific carbon frame (included) must be used. Flybarless head can be paired with the elevated tail rotor assembly for the ultimate realism. Other scale features include scale nose gun, scale dual seat cockpit, variety of scale rockets and missiles under the weapon stud wings, two scale turbine engines near the top of fuselage, with scale details to satisfy even the most demanding scale connoisseurs. Front cockpit features quick detachable cover for fast battery access. 
  • Compatible T-REX 500.

Product Features:
Purpose specific carbon frame plates
Shaft driven elevated tail rotor assembly
Scale gun in the nose area
Scale missile launcher and missles
Detachable scale helicopter cockpit
Stimulated pilot
Scale landing gear assembly
LED cruise lights

Body length:1125mm
Body width:33mm
Body high:244mm

AH-1 conopy x 1
AH-1 fuselage x 1
Scale gun in the nose area x 1
Simulated nose section machine gun turret x 2
Simulated rocket launchers and missiles x 2
Hanging wing (L) x 1
Hanging wing (R) x 1
Fiber Main Frame(L) x 1
Fiber Main Frame(R) x 1
Stickers x 1
Tail Boom(15x16x146mm) x 1
Stainless Torque Tube(177mm) x 1
Link rod A(M2x180mm) x 1
Angled tail transmission assembly x 1
Tail rotor control arm x 1
Skid Pipe A x 2
Skid Pipe B x 2
Skid Pipe Stopper x 4
Skid Pipe connector x 4
Scale fugelage Fixed Bracket x 2
Tail prop bracket x 1
Scale fugelage parts A x 2
Scale fugelage parts B x 1●Scale fugelage parts C x 1
LED flash group x 1
LED Warning Lampshade x 2
Washer(2x4.8x0.5) x 6
Washer(3x10x1) x 2
Screw(M2X12) x 6
Screw(M2.5X20) x 1
Socket button head screw(M3x14) x 4
Nut(M2) x 2
Locking nut(M2.5) x 1
Torque tube drive gear assembly x 1
Tail control guide x 1
Rod head x 2
Simulated plane seat x 1
Stimulated pilot x 2

Fonte: ALZRC


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