sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Compass ATOM 7HV

O 7HV é um projeto completamente novo. Este helicóptero elétrico 700 é equipado com recursos inovadores como um tensor automático de correia e deslizantes para bandeja da bateria que proporcionam uma troca rápida de baterias de forma fácil.
  • The helicopter has been designed by Sebastian Zajonz, who incorporated many years of experience in the design. 
  • The single-stage transmission with large diameter and 1.0 module gear takes the punishment of the strongest motors and provides an efficient transmission.
  • Direct servo-to-swash linkages are equal length and have linear movement. 
  • With the future in mind, the swash plate and rotor head geometry was optimized for flybarless.
  • All servos, the speed controller and the motor have been placed at the height of the tail boom and the battery is very close to center of gravity.
  • This arrangement ensures a very high center of gravity, which increases the performance.

  • Length: 1372mm
  • Height: 403mm
  • 700mm Carbon Fibre Blades
  • Rotor diameter: 1560mm
  • Motor pinion: 13T
  • Gear ratio: 13T: 10.46:1:4.8
  • Take off weight: ca. 4.3 - 5.1kg
  • Motortype: Brushless Outrunner
  • KV575 Brushless High Torque Motor
  • Battery size: LiPo mit 12S (2 x 6S) 4000-6000mAh
  • Rotor blade size: 690-710mm


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