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Nova versão de firmware para o 3G FBL Align V3.0

Align disponibiliza uma nova versão para o seu 3G FL760 Flaybarless System. O novo update V3.0 já está disponível para download e apresenta várias melhorias.

Click aqui para Download da nova versão.

● Optimized swashplate routine for smoother aileron and elevator movements
● Improved pirouetting self-compensation routine, for more axial pirouette and pirouette flip maneuvers.
● Added low head speed stability feature for more solid auto-rotations.
● Added swashplate forward compensation feature to improve tracking during high speed forward flights, and improve stability during collective pitch movements.
● Optimize stability of smaller helicopters, dramatically improved the 3G system stability when installed on smaller helicopters.
● Optimized helicopter rudder routine, with more stable rudder hard stops and reduced bouncing effect. In addition, rudder has more symmetrical speed during left and right pirouettes, with excellent locking ability.

● 3G link cable incorporates PC configuration GUI (graphical user interface) and latest 3G firmware update to improve system stability, and added pirouette compensation to stabilze center point during pirouettes.
● Opens up numerous configuration parameters within the 3G system. Pilots can fine tune the system through the PC GUI to suit individual preferences.
● Configurable parameters includes options relating to aileron, elevator, rudder, and combined functions.
● Provides real time display of radio control signal speed output, so pilot can fine tune the system based on the helicopter response to control sticks relationship display.
● Ability to display the current status of parameters in 3G system for setup verification.
● Parameter import/export function to allow backup of settings, as well as exchange of parameters with others through internet

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