quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

New version of Castle Link and Firmware available

A Castle já disponibilizou para download a nova versão de firmware V4.00 Beta para seus ESC  Phoenix, Phoenix HV e Phoenix ICE series e a atualização do Castle Link para versão 3.50.20 Beta. 

VERSION: 3.50.20
RELEASE DATE: 02-22-12
  • Added support for Phoenix/Phoenix ICE V4.00 firmware.
  • Added support for Traxxas XO-1 ESC.
  • Added support for Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster BR-XL V1.09 firmware (eliminates low throttle irregularities).
  • Splash screen images are now stored in the database to reduce the number of files Castle Link requires.

RELEASE DATE: 02-22-12
  • All: Full 'CastleLink Live' support. This is a special mode that will allow the ESC to share telemetry data through the receiver wire in real-time to external devices that support 'Castle Link Live'.
  • All: Voltage cutoff option: RPM Reduction Cutoff: In governor mode this option will reduce your headspeed by 25%. In airplane mode, it will reduce your full throttle position by 25%.
  • All: Voltage cutoff option: Pulse Cutoff: In governor mode this option will slowly pulse the headspeed causing a slight tail twitch. In airplane mode, it will chop throttle momentarily making an audible change in prop RPM.
  • All: Increased power handling before loss of commutation on high inductance motors
  • All: Reduction of the power jump from 99% throttle to 100% throttle.
  • All: ESC now supports, and USES, high frequency receiver pulses (100+ hz). In previous versions of firmware, receiver input was processed at 50hz.
  • All: Firmware further optimized to spread the CPU load. This should result in better timing at high electrical RPM's.
  • All: Throttle is increased quicker when motor is not starting well. This reduces the time some motors take to start under load.
  • All: New motor running technique reduces controller heat and optimizes heatsink efficiency.
  • Phoenix HV/Phoenix ICE HV: Reduced maximum power level used when trying to start a stalled motor. This makes ESC damage less likely.
  • Phoenix 10/Thunderbird: Significant improvement of starting performance with outrunner type motors.
  • Heli: New governor mode with increased RPM holding precision. This should improve governing, especially on high electrical RPM setups.
  • Heli: New initial spool-up behavior. It should reduce the RPM overshoot during your initial (from a stop) spool-up.
  • Heli: When running governor mode and a fixed PWM rate (say 12 Khz), increase in output power during full throttle situations.
  • MultiRotor: New Multi-rotor vehicle type changes throttle response to allow for faster throttle response. Throttle processing has been completely rewritten to prevent aliasing of the throttle while limiting motor output throttle change rate.
  • Bug Fix: A bug was fixed that caused inappropriate power reduction on motors running right around 120,000 electrical RPM.


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