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New - Spartan Vortex VX1 flybarless

O Vortex VX1 é uma unidade de controle Flybarless desenvolvida pela Spartan para atender os pilotos iniciantes ou os adeptos ao voo 3D. O VX1 é compatível com receptores PPM, SBUS e aceita 1 ou 2 receptores satélites.
Key features
  • Designed for all helicopters; from the smallest electric to the largest nitro
  • Market leading tail hold and pirouetting consistency
  • Small and lightweight
  • Separate sensor eases receiver/servo wiring and improves vibration immunity
  • Compatible with all digital tail servos (760us, 960us and 1520us)
  • Compatible with digital and analog swash servos
  • Compatible with standard pulse, PPM, SBUS and 1 or 2 satellite receivers
  • Built in governor with Nitro and Electric modes
  • Superior balanced ring MEMS sensor technology
  • Easy configuration and field adjustments via the Spartan DataPod. You can deploy a new system in minutes
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Four configuration memories that can be selected in-flight for different flying styles. They can be mapped to Normal, Idle1, Idle2 & Hold or as the user requires

Dimensions control unit: 34x23.8x11mm 
Dimensions sensor: 20.6x20.6x9.6mm
Weight: 14 grams (combined control unit & sensor)
Sensor lead: 16cm long 
Sensor Type: Balanced ring MEMS with digital interface
Governor: Selectable Nitro or Electric
Control system: Proprietary PID with adaptive tuning
Supported tail servos: Digital 760us, 960us and 1520us centre pulse 
Supported swash servos: Digital or analog 1520us centre pulse 
Supported receivers: Standard pulse, PPM, SBUS, 1/2 Satellites
Standard setup: DataPod
Computer connectivity: DataPod Bridge Mode
Operating voltage: 3.8V to 8.4V
Current draw: <100mA

Fonte: Spartan RC

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