domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

KDS EBAR Flybarless System

A SHENZHEN KDS MODEL TECHNOLOGIES é mais uma empresa no mercado a oferecer unidades Flybarless para Helicópteros RC. O KDS-EBAR pode ser configurado em campo sem necessidade de um computador, através de um cartão os parâmetros da unidade flybarless da KDS podem ser alterados.
O EBAR é a unidade FBL que está presente na série de helicópteros FBL (550, 600 e 700) da KDS.   

Description :
KDS-EBAR applies to 32 bit micro-controller with Super processing and operation ability
KDS-EBAR comes with high performance built-in gyro sensor. It can work for all 250 size to 700 size Nitro or EP powered rc helicopters.
KDS-EBAR supports traditional 90 degree swash, and 120 degree and 140 degree swash.
KDS-EBAR features built-in spinning correcting functions. When helicopter spins, and rotates tail, it will spin at a fixed point steadily, but not drift.
The functions of sensor inside KDS-EBAR are the same KDS900 gyro's; KDS-EBAR can work with narrow band 760us servos.
It is simple to set each parameter of KDS-EBAR in setup card attached, but no need computer.

Operating voltage: 4.8V-9V
Quiescent current: 50mA
Operating temperature: 20 degree ~45 degree
Operating humidness: 0%~80%
Dimention: 39*30*15mm (lenth x width x height) 

Weight: 30g (with connecting wire)

Fonte: KDSAlishanMao

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