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Align APS Gyro

O novo APS Gyro lançado pela Align por USD$887.99 trabalha em conjunto com a unidade Flybarless 3GX, sendo uma boa opção para  aplicações de fotografia aéreaO APS é capaz de manter a posição de voo, altitude, realizar voo autônomo de coordenadas estabelecidas, bem como voltar para o ponto de partida em caso de perda de sinal.  

Functions of Align APS Gyro:
1. Semi-autonomous take off / Landing.
2. Point to point automatic flights.
3. Emergency bailout stabilization.
4. Failsafe: Automatic return home during loss of signal situation.
5. Simple logical setting through transmitter.
6. Supports software upgrades.

●Align APS has build in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetic compass, altimeter, and GPS sensor to work with DSP processor to enable APS to have precise detection and control abilities.
●For use with Align's 3GX flybarless system for ease of install and simplified setup, APS is functional with a few setup steps.
●Multi flight mode and multi navigate functions. Which is the system with most modes and functions in the current market.
●Failsafe function, When helicopter lose RC signal, APS will take over and fly the helicopter back to where the helicopter regains RC signal.
●Automatically helicopter stabilize function. When helicopter's attitude is not stable, switch to APS Mode will enable APS to immediately stabilize helicopter and provide a big help for the beginners.
●Supports Spektrum/JR satellite receivers and Futaba S.BUS architecture.
●Supports software upgrades. 

●Suitable Voltage Range: DC 3.5~8.4V
●Operating current consumption: <200mA @4.8V
●Operating temperatur: -20℃~65℃
●Operating humidity: 0%~95%
●RoHS certified
●Hovering Precision (Depending on satellite status):
  Horizontal ±1m
  Vertical ±1m
●APS Cotrol unit Dimension/Weight: 35.4x27.9x17mm / 14.8g
●APS Sensor Dlmension/Weight: 29.5x26.3x10.8mm / 12.7g

Fonte: Align

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