sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

XG8 Software Update Ver. 00001-0006

Já está disponível uma nova versão de firmware para o rádio JR XG8 e estamos postando aqui o link direto da página para facilitar seu download.

Additional software features and fixes
- TX SETTING additional languages: French, English and German

- GYRO SENS corresponding to each gain adjustment 
- 3-axis gyro system TAGS01
- Telemetry functions add the ability to clear the log 
- Cursor display to add the ability to hide the cursor on the screen
- Telemetry functions corresponding to the sensor Optical
- Timer function if you want to turn on/off (Stick Position switch) 
- Trainer System Fixed a bug when using the servo malfunction 
- Timer function instead of a timer for each model integration 
- Glider features / wizards · Dual-Fixed a display bug that reversed left and right channels of FLAP. 

Fonte:  JR PROPO

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