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Spektrum DX8 AirWare Update 2.04

A Spektrum lançou uma nova atualização para o rádio DX8 que está disponível no site da comunidade Spektrum Para realizar o download do arquivo da nova versão para o seu DX8 é necessário realizar o registro no site. O arquivo de atualização é exclusivo, sendo criado com base no registro realizado.

Software Features
• Added G-Force telemetry support.
• Added "Knob" to calibration screen so users know the status as they calibrate it. The knob neutral point was not being updated during calibration. We also
corrected the criteria for centering on the sticks to improve functionality in some radios.
• The Switch Select page more accurately reflects the current switch assignment. If a wing or tail type uses a channel that a switch is on, the switch setting is
changed to INH. It remains INH until manually reassigned.
• When a model is copied, the bind information for the copied model is now erased. This will allow the user to see that the model is not bound, as it will not
show DSM2 or DSMX on the main screen.
• Calibration for mode changes uses the same screen as when a user manually selects calibration. This means that mode change cal requires the user to move
both sticks in a + format (not like an O, X, L, or T), as well as rotate and center the knob.

Software Corrections
• Translations – Improve/Correct translation of some terms for some German Helicopter screens. Corrected Italian translation "Alettoni".
• Calibration – when calibrating, the knob "neutral point" was not being updated.
• Flap System – The elevon flap system bug has been corrected. The flaps now work smoothly and move correctly for the given speed values.
• Channel Assignments – Scrolling through the wing and tail types does not change gear or aux channel assignments until the wing or tail type is actually selected.

Fonte: Spektrum

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